The arrogance of some people.

Yesterday, Tennis Victoria issued a recommendation that all tennis related activities shut as soon as possible.

I applaud TV and its great to see how many of the Victorian tennis community got on board and did the right thing for the wider community.

Others, chose to ignore the recommendation and continue trading as usual. Can they honestly say that they know better and should ignore the recommendation? We are all massively impacted by the shutdown and in my opinion any facility still operating is risking the health of their staff, the families, and the spread of the virus. It just shows what kind of people they really are. They care about a dollar more than they care about you.

Do you need to have a hit? No. Stay home and do the right thing. The PM has enlisted the military to help enforce lockdown but some tennis operators are still ignoring common sense and trying to make a buck. Swindlers have found a loophole by saying it’s “Just a recommendation, and they aren’t breaking any laws.”

It’s actually time to name and shame these people.

I hope nobody in the tennis community ends up sick or dead because of these arrogant people.

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