8 minute noodors

In 2016, I was coaching a player who I thought would clearly qualify in the last round of the $25,000 ITF in Bangkok She was seeded #1 in the qualifying.

Enter Jihee Lee from Korea

This Korean girl was an unseeded grinder. A nasty lefty grinder. She beat the girl I was coaching. Jihee never gave up a free point!

After the match I congratulated Jihee and from that moment I knew she was special. She was very humble and almost too nice.

I had a chat with her and the first thing I noticed was her Tennis IQ…

It was out of this world! I gave her my email, Facebook, phone number, and told her when she was ready to retire and coach, to call me.

I didn’t hold my breath but she did. Still capable of running amok on tour we planned her coming to Melbourne and dominating the coaching scene. That she did.

She is a one eyed Collingwood supporter and Jeremy Howe is missing out on this catch

She slotted into coaching so easily I never asked her about her philosophy, goals or anything like that. I knew she was good.

All I know is that she has been there and done that. She is too humble to tell you how good she is. She is the best!

Why 8 minute noodors? Because 2 minute noodors with her takes 6 minutes talking and 2 minutes eating.

Love you Jihee xoxo

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